The Panasonic WV-SW559 vandal-resistant dome is part of a series of 1080p network video surveillance cameras that simultaneously deliver both full HD images and 360p images. Enclosed in a IP66-rated water- and dust-resistant dome, the camera uses a 2.8-10mm 3.6x varifocal auto-iris lens. Panasonic's UniPhier S newest generation LSI processor provides simultaneous cropping of whole and part images, lower bandwidth storage requirements, more VIQS zones, dual H.264 streaming capability and overall higher-level functionality. 
Panasonic WV-SW559

The Variable Image Quality on Specified areas (VIQS) system optimises video streaming by lowering the quality of non-essential areas of view while the SD recording system provides a local backup for surveillance video should the network connection fail. VIQS (variable image quality on specified areas), combined with efficient compression, enables network bandwidth reduction of 50 percent by decreasing the image quality for less important areas in a video frame (such as the sky), while retaining image quality for critical parts of the view. 

Face detection analytics detect the position of a human face and send the information by video stream. Face Super Dynamic Range ensures clear face images. Auto back focus (ABF) allows easy installation and stable focus in color and black-and-white modes.

Featuring a switchable infrared-cut filter, the network camera is ideal for 24-hour surveillance and features software to improve low-light images, including 3D noise reduction and Adaptive Black Stretch. The outdoor-ready and vandal-resistant casing also allows the camera to be installed in vulnerable positions without risk of damage.

The Panasonic WV-SW559 is ideal for outdoor locations that require high quality facial features in a variety of difficult lighting conditions, such as public transport terminals, car parks, outside leisure centres and cinemas, schools and universities, supermarkets and warehouses.

For complete specs and pricing, you can contact MSI-ECS at 688-3706 or email (PR)

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