There is an increasing number of smartphones that have featured glass with some sort of curved edge, which the design has become a much more prominent marketing term as people nowadays are looking for aesthetic designs with extraordinary performances. Well, what’s that glass with curved edge?

It is the 2.5D glass, which refers to rounding off the edges of a flat “2D” display in the z-axis, adding a slight curve to what would usually be a straight edge. Stylish as it looks, it also ensures that any surfaces that users are going to touch and swipe their fingers across are smooth, giving the superb user experience. However, the users who want to place screen protectors on their smartphones but they may be upset, because it is hard to find ones that can fit the curves of phones with 2.5D glass.


So what smartphones feature this great 2.5D glass? The iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Motorola X, Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, OPPO Find 5, Xiao Mi Note, etc. All of them have this 2.5D glass, which not only makes them look elegant, but touches good too.

As the 2.5D glass is so popular, no wonder that DOOGEE has largely applied it. In this era of flawless integration, DOOGEE did it. In other words, DOOGEE has made every effort to catching up with the mainstream international brands. DOOGEE Y100 Pro, DOOGEE Y100 Plus, DOOGEE Y100X, DOOGEE F3 and DOOGEE F3 Pro, all of which are applied with the 2.5D glass, ensuring the aesthetic designs and nice touch. To provide such extremely great devices with seamless looks and feel to the users, DOOGEE has never compromised.

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