The Cypress Umbrella is the world’s first fully telescopic umbrella with interchangeable canvas capability coupled with an automotive inspired rib suspension system.

Cypress Umbrella

The Story
Hailing from the west coast of Canada, in the rainy city of Vancouver, their story began with the ambition to develop the smallest, most portable everyday umbrella while retaining strength. Ideally, a product small enough to fit in a jacket pocket, yet sturdy enough to last season after season. However, this proved to be more troublesome than they imagined. Umbrellas haven’t really changed at all for the past century. The mechanisms still remain the same in how they’re built and how they operate. There were tweaks here and there, whether changing the profile of the members or changing the materials to improve size and strength. After countless weeks of trying to design a smaller umbrella to compete with others, the creators started realizing why small umbrellas were all constructed the same: every shortcut is taken to reduce to that final size and weight. If they were to compromise strength for size, it would be another product with a defined life time. So the creators decided that while they can’t make the smallest umbrella, they can most definitely make the most durable umbrella without adding additional weight.

The creators listed every feature that they liked amongst current umbrellas and everything we would want in ours. Working out of the Vancouver Hack Space, the past 10 months has been an endless cycle of design → fabricate → test → break → repeat. They had to redesign almost every component. Leveraging the strength of a tubular profile, they came up with a new architecture for how the ribs would expand and contract. Unhappy with how an umbrella flips inside out so easily, they invented an independent suspension system to defend against strong winds. This invention allowed the Cypress Umbrella to be extremely wind resistant, yet keep the overall weight comparable to its competition. The next bottleneck was the canvas, which can only take a finite amount of wear before it must be discarded. Therefore they designed the canvas to be interchangeable, extending the service life for the rest of the umbrella and allow an infinite array of colours and patterns to suit one umbrella frame. Always losing that flimsy little umbrella cover, we integrated the enclosure into the handle resulting into one clean and compact assembly.

In the end, aside from making the strongest umbrella, they believe they have created the most versatile umbrella. An umbrella with a fully telescopic architecture, interchangeable canvas capability, an independent suspension system and finally a drip-free concealed handle enclosure.

Fully Telescopic Architecture

The Cypress features an industry first: a fully telescopic frame architecture which combines a traditional collapsible stem with an innovative telescopic rib design. Rather than a standard skeleton with U-shaped channels and hinged linkages, each rib is comprised of tubular sections coupled with precision machined joints and stainless steel pins. Once opened, the telescopic design enforces a rigid structure 10 times stronger than its traditional counterpart. Once closed, the entire umbrella collapses within itself minimizing wasted space and exposed components. The end result is a sleek tubular composition, reducing assembly complexity while increasing strength and durability.

Interchangeable Canvas

To compliment the Cypress’ robust frame, we feature another umbrella first: an interchangeable canvas. Quick snap connections along the ribs enable a limitless selection of canvas colours and patterns. Within 3 minutes, the Cypress Umbrella’s canvas can transform to accommodate any mood, dress or perspective of the day.

Independent Suspension System

While common umbrellas will simply flip inside out when encountering a small updraft, the Cypress’ frame architecture provides a universal defence against nature’s elements. Inspired from the mechanics behind automotive suspension systems, each rib is designed to pivot individually and automatically adjusts itself against chaotic winds. This allows each rib to flex independently against the frame to relieve trapped air, creating an aerodynamically stable structure. Similar to how a vehicle suspension smoothes out the ride from road imperfections, the Cypress empowers you take on the strongest of winds like a common breeze.

Embedded Enclosure

To ensure the umbrella can be easily stored without getting your belongings wet, concealed within the handle is a deployable enclosure. Straying away from traditional easy to lose umbrella covers, the Cypress’ expanding sleeve promises drip-free protection and is guaranteed to never go missing. Made of high-end breathable materials reinforced by a stainless steel wire frame, the enclosure is built to last.

FAQs about the Cypress Umbrella
When will the Kickstarter campaign be active?
The Kickstarter campaign will be active from Tuesday, October 20, 2015 to Thursday, November 19, 2015.

What is the starting price?
The Cypress Umbrella will be $89 CAD ($65 USD) for Kickstarter backers. This includes one Cypress Umbrella frame and two canvases. Additional umbrella canvases will be $11 CAD ($9 USD) each.

The Cypress Umbrella Classic will be $64 CAD ($49 USD) for Kickstarter backers. Similarly, this will include one Cypress Umbrella Classic frame and two Classic canvases. Additional Classic canvases will be $9 CAD ($7 USD) each.

When will the product be available?
Once funded, deliveries will begin in mid-2016.

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