What is one important question that a shopper never fails to ask when out looking for a new smartphone? It’s this - How long does the battery last? Consumers and reviewers often go head over heels for the fastest processor chip, the brightest & clearest display, the most advanced camera functions, and the latest OS upgrades -- but all that will be for nothing if your smartphone’s battery can’t hold up. The battery indeed counts a lot because if you don’t get a day's worth of life from it, the device is almost pretty useless. In fact, a battery is never too much – it's almost always too little.

But what if there's a way to have the latest technology, advanced features -- and a long battery life to boot? Haven’t you always wished for a powerful smartphone with a battery that lasts longer than a just few hours? We take for granted how our devices are powerless (pun intended) without the battery. Samsung says that it's time to celebrate the battery by granting your wish.

Samsung cuts the need for multiple, constant recharging of your mobile device with its innovations in battery technology & power management. Particularly for its latest flagship smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Note5 & Galaxy S6 edge+ are both powered by a hulking 3,000mAh battery, which provides enough energy to get through a day's worth of intensive activities, like preparing presentations, taking down notes, streaming movies, or going on a photography trip with the 16MP camera – all with the social media posts that come with it. But despite using all these energy-consuming apps and features, the battery’s power consumption is kept in check by its powerful and efficient processor. The Galaxy Note5 & Galaxy S6 edge+ both run on the latest and most powerful processor developed by Samsung, the 64-bit Exynos Octa-Core 7420 chip with 14nm technology, and a whopping 4GB of RAM. This allows both devices to efficiently share the load between cores, ensuring a lighter toll on your battery life.

Are you one of those wall-huggers who constantly hound walls and corners looking for random electric sockets to plug into? Five minutes here, ten minutes there – all just to get a few percentages back on their battery life. The Samsung Galaxy Note5 & Galaxy S6 edge+ are both equipped with Ultra Fast Charging technology which shortens charging time and satiates wall-huggers from their addictive habit.

Through wired charging using the Adaptive Fast Charger, both devices can reach 100% from an empty battery in just 90 minutes – which is up to 2.5x faster than other brands. They also come with Built-in Fast Wireless Charging capability. When used with the Samsung Fast Wireless Charging Pad, both devices can charge from empty to full in just 120 minutes, which is ~33% faster than the previous model.

Simply put, Samsung has the cure for the wall-hugging charging junkie. Most know that they've already been bitten by the battery jitterbugs but most just let it go thinking that getting a new battery will be a quick fix that will eventually lead to the same fate of the previous one. Samsung's continuing innovations in battery technology & power management give users more freedom and less dependence from power banks, emergency cables, and USB slots. With Samsung, you'll be able to do more, and worry less over your battery. You'll be able to review that presentation while on-the-go, and get fully-immersed on movie streaming after a hard day's work.

Indeed there will still be inevitable moments when there are no slots, sockets, or battery packs available for a quick energy fix. Again, with Samsung, you can extend your smartphone’s battery to its limits through the industry-leading Ultra Power Saving Mode. By switching to this mode, your Samsung device will shift your screen to grayscale and minimize all background apps, while still letting you take & receive calls, SMS, access the internet, and select apps like Facebook & WhatsApp.

So now – why settle for wall-hugging? With the Samsung Galaxy Note5 & Galaxy S6 edge+ you can have the freedom to live a life practically free from your charging cables. Visit www.nextisnow.ph to learn more, or go to the nearest Samsung Experience Store to make the switch now. The Galaxy Note5 32GB retails for PHP36,990 SRP, while the Galaxy S6 edge+ retails for P39,990 (32GB) and P44,990 (64GB) SRP. (PR)

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