Introducing the ATEN Tap CS533 where your PC and smart devices such as smartphones and tablets will be connected together and can be controlled centrally just by using a keyboard and a mouse. Are you in the office? Don't want your boss see you using the phone frequently? Or do you want the convenience of just using just the keyboard and mouse? ATEN Tap CS533 is the solution as it will serve a stand and control device which makes your smartphone or tablet like a extended screen on your side. See the rafflecopter below for the giveaway!

ATEN Tap CS533 USB Bluetooth KM Switch
Introducing the ATEN Tap CS533

The ATEN Tap CS533 is a control unit that allows access to one computer to two Bluetooth devices from a USB keyboard and mouse. The CS533 Tap coverts normal USB keyboard and mouse signals into Bluetooth connections to allow for easy sharing between your computer and Bluetooth devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The CS533 Tap eliminates the need to purchase a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse for your Bluetooth devices, saving you valuable work space, allowing you to use your favorite multimedia keyboard with all your Bluetooth devices.

What's inside the box?
ATEN Tap CS533 USB Bluetooth KM Switch

The ATEN Tap package contains the following:
  • 1 x Tap CS533
  • 1 x Hotkey Stickers
  • 1 x  User Manual / Instructions

Build & Design
The ATEN Tap CS533 is made from white glossy plastic material. It is premium looking and pretty durable, also attractive to look at.

ATEN Tap CS533 USB Bluetooth KM Switch
The front side of the ATEN Tap, as you can see it is glossy white

ATEN Tap CS533 USB Bluetooth KM Switch
Side view of the ATEN Tap

ATEN Tap CS533 USB Bluetooth KM Switch
Front, where the smartphone is placed

How to use the ATEN Tap?
The ATEN Tap CS533 is plug and play so no further setup is needed or software installations, it should work on any PC or laptop (though it is recommended on desktops). As you can see in the picture below, the ATEN Tap is connected via USB on the PC, while the keyboard and mouse are connected on the USB ports at the back of the ATEN Tap. Also you need to connect your device via Bluetooth, just search and the CS533 name will appear on the Bluetooth name list, hit connect and wait until confirmation.

ATEN Tap CS533 USB Bluetooth KM Switch

After connecting them all, it is now ready to use, as a default, the controls will be directed to your PC at first. You need to click double ALT key twice ( [ALT] + [ALT] ) to switch in using your smartphone or tablet.

ATEN Tap CS533 USB Bluetooth KM Switch

Here is a sample of using the keyboard and mouse in your smartphone. By the way it is connected via Bluetooth to ATEN Tap so you can undock it anytime. Cool isn't it?

ATEN Tap CS533 USB Bluetooth KM Switch
There will be a mouse cursor appearing on Android which functions like in the PC

Video Demo of ATEN Tap CS533
We have prepared some video sample on how to use it and how convenient it is to use. See for yourself below:

Rafflecopter ATEN Tap Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

- You can win one (1) unit of ATEN Tap CS533 worth Php4,299.

- The winner will be displayed here and will be announced in Geeky Pinas' Facebook Page

  • The contestant must be a Filipino citizen that is residing in the Philippines. 
  • Only one account in any social media (e.g. 1 FB, 1 Twitter, 1 Instagram) is allowed to enter per contestant. No dummy accounts. Any violation to this will lead to an automatic disqualification. 
  • Contestants should use their real names (no anonymous names) for verification and security purposes, violations would lead to automatic disqualification.
  • The winner should claim and contact us about the prize within two weeks after the announcement; otherwise, it will be forfeited.

The ATEN Tap CS533 is perfect for individuals who likes the idea and convenience of just using your keyboard and mouse to control your PC and smartphone or tablet. It is also perfect for workspaces, you can save time and make your work easier with ATEN Tap. It is priced for only Php4,299.

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