Real men does cook, and so the saying goes. Just last June, a group of bachelors, committed gentlemen, and fathers-to-be from the media (bloggers, publishers, etc.) showed that they can wield a kitchen knife and use pots and pans with the same dexterity as they would in handling a camera, reporting the news, or writing in-the-know stories.

To make sure participants get the right flavor for their own  Chicken Barbecue, Chef Ernest allowed participants to use the Samsung Refrigerator as the perfect partner in keeping your food fresh and healthy, even while marinating. 

These gentlemen of the kitchen enthusiastically listened to and followed the instructions of Chef Ernest Gala, Samsung Digital Appliances Ambassador and renowned culinary master in the country, who presided over the Samsung Digital Appliances Fourth Cooking Workshop.

Chef Ernest Gala taught how to use Samsung Smart Oven’s microwave grill function.

The theme of the workshop was “Man Up in the Kitchen,” which showed that the kitchen can indeed be a man’s arena. Chef Ernest taught the participants a good variety of time-tested favorite dishes, such as Chicken Barbecue and Vegetable Muffins, made easier to cook with the use of Samsung Refrigerator’s cooling technology and Samsung Smart Oven’s microwave and grill functions. 

“The men showed their passion for food and their goal to understand cooking better, which is usually associated with women. They were interested to learn new ways to create great dishes and were not afraid to experiment with the Samsung Digital Appliances, whose ability to create great dishes they had previously underestimated,” said Chef Ernest.

They prepared Chicken Barbecue, marinated in the Samsung Refrigerator for 15-minutes, to let the flavor seep in with the help of the refrigerator’s cooking function. The refrigerator also ensured the freshness of the protein. Meanwhile, the grill function, one of the many features of the Samsung Smart Oven together with its warm air circulation, the participants were able to create an appetizing and aromatic dish that was perfectly cooked on the inside and oozing with flavor with every bite.

Finally! The finished product after hardwork of cooking Chicken Barbecue and Vegetable Muffins!

Over the past few months, Chef Ernest has conducted monthly cooking sessions for groups with various interests and inclinations, such as mothers, children, lifestyle writers, and restaurant reviewers. In all workshops, the participants are taught the importance and ways to ensure freshness of food using Samsung Refrigerator. Each cooking session also highlights one function of Samsung Smart Oven and how it can be used to prepare meals that can be easily whipped up at home. All these with the aim of keeping the family closer at home and healthier in the kitchen.

“Samsung aims to reach out to more Filipinos and introduce a love of cooking by showcasing what they can do when using durable and intuitive appliances. Samsung’s Digital Appliances are versatile and can meet all the needs of Filipino families no matter how busy they are. Through the workshop, we hope that more Filipinos can discover that cooking is fun and easy,” concluded Daye Barbatchano, Master Trainer for Samsung Digital Appliances.

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