After such a long wait, the highly anticipated Windows 10 is out! It is the much awaited next generation operating system from Microsoft that has very high expectations due to the overall improvements.

Windows 10 Update Rolls Out! What Are The Improvements?
Windows 10 launch at Hole in the wall Century Mall Makati
For those who missed it, the Windows 10 is an all in one cross platform operating system that works on your tablet, mobile and PC seamlessly. As I said earlier, Microsoft is getting most of the job right in this one by improving it in general. The iconic start button is back, the boot is now faster than ever, there's an all new browser that's said to be the best in the world, it's now more secured than ever and your favorite personal assistant Cortana will definitely rock!

As a result, there are 14 million downloads in the past 24 hours which makes this one of the biggest operating updates of all time. Positive feedback and reviews all over the globe also greeted this new Windows OS from Microsoft.

Windows 10 Update Rolls Out! What Are The Improvements?
It's update time!
I'm now jumping on the hype train and will now update! :)
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