Brother Philippines has recently signed up the University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF), a private university in Cebu City, for its Toner Management Program.

In photo after the signing of the Brother Color Toner Management Program agreement between Brother Philippines and the University of Southern Philippines Foundation are (left to right): Tekzone Computer Sales and Services Sales Coordinator, Brenna Vito; Brother Philippines President, Glen Hocson; USPF Director of Finance, Rosalina Jereza Sepulveda; USPF President, Dr. Alicia P. Cabatingan; Brother Philippines Deputy General Manager for Sales and Marketing, Masao Kasagi; USPF Chief Information Officer, Lester Gastala; and Tekzone Computer Sales and Services Accounting Supervisor, Zesprela Bingil.

Brother Philippines’ Toner Management Program is the company’s innovative solution for its institutional or corporate customers. Through the program, customers who sign a two-year toner supply agreement with Brother can avail of its multi-function centres without upfront payment. The program also gives customers the convenience of having the experts take care of the maintenance of the machines, and the replenishment of their printer consumables.

This will provide offices a more cost effective way to acquire and operate multi-function centres (printers with other functions like faxing, scanning and copying) in the office. 

USPF Finance Director Rosalina J. Sepulveda has initially conducted the research on the total printing costs of the university and found out that over the years, USPF’s printing costs soared high without the benefit of statistical data to support the investment. 

USPF Chief Information Officer Lester Gastala said, “To address our printing cost concerns, we need to partner with a firm that not only delivers reliable technology and supports infrastructure duly tested by the country’s top international schools and local universities, but also one that provides value for investment.” 

“Moreso, a balance deployment strategy should be in place,” he added.

USPF President Dr. Alicia P. Cabatingan said, “Private universities like us have to find ways to cut down on operating costs to be able to offer reasonable tuition fees while not compromising the quality of our education. This is why we thank Brother Philippines for introducing its Toner Management Program because it allows us to maintain our printing costs at manageable levels.” 

Brother Philippines President Glenn P. Hocson said, “Our toner management program will definitely make our products more attractive as they are now more affordable to broader segments of businesses. It aims to help offices like that of the University of Southern Philippines Foundation concentrate on their core operations by allowing Brother to handle their printing needs.” 

Hocson adds, “The program signals our readiness to take on more responsibilities for our corporate customers. It is also our way of challenging ourselves to keep on growing as we come up with more and more innovative solutions, especially for our corporate customers.”

This expansion of Brother Philippines through its corporate business portfolio is aligned with the Brother Group’s strategy to reinforce solutions offering as a pillar of growth. Starting as a sewing machine repair shop in Japan over a hundred years ago, the Brother Group has evolved and grown, and now has manufacturing and sales facilities in over 44 countries and regions worldwide.

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