A Philippine-based tech firm sees bullish outlook for integration industry and urges local stakeholders to embrace and adapt to the Internet of Things (IoT).

SIP 2015 Tech Presentation-Our Future with IoT
SIP 2015 Tech Presentation-Our Future with IoT

“As the IoT phenomenon begins to redefine our lifestyle, our way of doing business, and our methods of engagement with people, devices, and virtually everything around us, it becomes more significant to focus on solutions that enable end-users, businesses, and industry players adaptable to change,” said NTEK Systems Marketing Manager Norman Pardalis in an interview at the sidelines of the Systems Integration Philippines expo held last August 20-22, 2015 in Manila.

Building momentum on the growing demand for IoT connectivity, NTEK Systems rolled out its wide array of innovative devices at the event, showcasing an extensive array of portfolio focused on smart communications, information, and multimedia-based solutions. This trifecta of innovations, noted Pardalis, exemplifies the effective pathways which NTEK Systems has threaded throughout the years. Citing the need to catch up on IoT trend, he emphasized that the products under each category are breakthrough platforms for connectivity and some are even designed as gateways for IoT-readiness.

DoorTalk - NTEK Systems
DoorTalk IoT Solutions

Noting that the foundation to strengthen the ecosystem of connected devices has long been present, Pardalis explained that “it’s just a matter of embracing the idea that IoT is here to stay, grow, and create both challenges and opportunities.” 

Pardalis also reiterated that the future called the Internet of Things is driving tech innovations around the world and poses great opportunities for local system integration and technology industries. "It's apparent at events like SIP that integrated technologies and innovative solutions are genuine enablers of IoT, he added.” Seeing all these great technologies and all their connectivity capabilities makes you realize how this hyperconnection of things in an IoT landscape is in fact more than hype.

Industry forecasts support the argument, with majority in the tech industry now optimistically looking at a billion connected devices by 2020 and a trillion dollar revenue windfall. Pardalis agrees that it makes sense economically, but it makes even more sense at a practical standpoint. "That's especially true for a country with a tech savvy population like the Philippines. There’s no reason why we can’t envision and talk about smart homes, smart cities, smart grid, smart transportation, and other intelligent solutions all directed at creating more efficiency, comfort, productivity, and security both in our personal and professional lives in the same way that more developed countries do,” Pardalis said. 
DoorTalk - NTEK Systems
DoorTalk IoT Device

“All we need is a foundation; a better infrastructure that IoT can stand on; a mere starting point," he added, while noting how NTEK Systems' push for IoT-ready solutions like DoorTalk is one big step forward. 

DoorTalk, a next- generation video intercom with security and monitoring capabilities, is being touted as one of the most advanced smart access control solutions available in the market today. 

“DoorTalk banners our IoT-focused solutions,” Pardalis said. “It’s an entry level device for home and office automation.” 

NTEK Systems has also recently released the DoorTalk Series, a set of combo solutions that feature DoorTalk’s seamless connectivity with other innovative devices, such as the biometrics-powered access control system called Smart Entry, a SIP-based IP camera called DoorCam, and a smart communications and control solution called DoorPad.

Guided by the DoorTalk model, Pardalis stressed that local integrators are being challenged to integrate systems with the IoT value in mind. “Integrating systems in an IoT way is the best way right now to create new value for products and services,” he said.  

“We have to understand that IoT is the bigger picture and businesses who embrace this trend will flourish and survive.” 

For more information about NTEK Systems, Inc. visit http://www.nteksystems.com

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