BBC released a Two documentary series Inventions That Changed the World in 2004 five-part, Jeremy Clarkson tags the television as one of the titular brainchildren - along with the gun, computer, jet, and telephone. There the English broadcaster chronicles how television was able to win wars, enlighten the oppressed, and ultimately change the world all the while stopping it from being changed.
LG's "Perfect Black Technology" on OLED TVs
From its humble monochrome, five frames per second beginnings, the small screen has since been reinvented time and time again to become the streamlined living room centerpiece that we know, love, and even worship today. 

This prompts the question, “what’s next for TV?”

Global innovation leader, LG Electronics has proven that their novelties have surpassed expectations by true and careful craftsmanship in terms of TV technology development married with remarkable design aesthetics. 

Truly understanding how true-to-life TV viewing should be, LG is fearless and light-years ahead when it comes to pushing the boundaries to deliver one-of-a-kind television viewing experience. 

While it may seem clear cut to continue developing the current technology, improving on the design, or adding smart and intuitive components, LG Electronics ventures off and takes a different approach by introducing something so elemental, so painstakingly obvious that it may very well usher the second birth of the television—‘the perfect black.’

The perfect black

The black in Black & White TVs was never really black. If anything, it resembled a dull dark gray. By pioneering the technology behind the OLED TV, LG is able to revolutionize the definition of image quality with the infinite contrast ratio, creating crystal clear clarity, and richer contrast that never before existed.

“Through the years, LG has been at the forefront of the technological landscape, creating innovations that shape our television viewing experience,” said LG Electronics Philippines Vice President for Home Entertainment, Tony An. “By introducing the perfect black technology, we are now able to see images more vividly and in full color reality.”

What sets the cutting-edge LG OLED TV apart from all the post-CRT televisions is that it does not rely on backlighting. Backlighting disrupts the color depth, making blacks appear less dark and muting the color accuracy. With the LG OLED TV, each pixel can generate its own light, and thus providing the most advanced picture quality in the market today. 

Even with the steadfast focus on picture quality, LG still pushes the artistic envelope with their Super ULTRA HD TV lineup. The convergence of clear picture perfect quality through 4K technology and smart slim and curved designs propels television into its new advent.

The future of television

Combining the perfect black technology with the High Dynamic Range (HDR) photographic technique, the 4K Ultra HD (UHD) horizontal resolution, and ultra sleek design, LG is set to take the humble television on yet another major stride forward. With HDR’s ability to retain luminosity via multiple exposures and the dynamic 4,000 pixel range of UHD displays, the 4K HDR OLED TV will herald the beginning of the next wave of big technological advances.

"We are excited to charter the unknown waters of the television technology. We firmly believe that much can still be improved in terms of design and picture quality. Our consumers can be assured that the future of television is upon us," said Tony An.

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