Last time we have introduced what is the offering for anyone in which you can win real money and other premium items without much effort, just simply play the game. 

For another intro again, the is a desktop game that is a free-to-play online casual board game where you can play with your friends in a very classic style monopoly game that has new twists and exciting features that you will surely love. The Players here can take turns in purchasing properties while having a chance to visit the most popular places around the globe.

You can check this previous article on how to register and see the minimum requirements of the game here:

The actual monopoly-like board game, in this mode it's a solo on solo match with another player
You win once you bankrupt your opponent! It's quite addicting to play this game actually :)
The daily rewards you can get just by opening and playing once a day
The inventory of gifts from the daily rewards
How to play the game?

First is, select your position by choosing a fortune card. This will determine the order of your turn.

Click the "Roll" button to roll the dice. Your character will move according to the number of spaces shown on the dice. Getting doubles allows you to roll again.
As you advance across the board, you can buy real estate. if You have enough money, you can purchase the spaces and charge other players when they land on it.

After you have purchased a property, you will have a chance to build a villa, building, hotel and a landmark on that space. 

Rent can be obtained from opponents when they land on a property that you own. There are also multipliers that can increase the amount of rent.

After you pay the rent upon landing on an opponen't's property, you can purchase the property from your opponent for the double cost.

Once you have won the game, you will receive a reward based on which type of win and which channel you are in. The multiplier in each channel represents the extra money you will receive based on your end game summary.

Special Winning Conditions to Win!
Win either from: Line, Tourism or Triple Victory

You have a chance to win at least Php 1,000 from a monthly prize pool of PHP 62,000. While you’re playing with it, you can also qualify in joining a weekly or monthly raffle over 3 months to win in a total prize pool of one million pesos! Woohoo isn't that great? I'm also joining and playing too, I might be the lucky one, so play now too!

You can check out on how to win the real cash and raffle items here:
Daily cash prize:
Weekly raffle:
Monthly raffle:

Learn more about the game

Start your cool gaming experience with, you can download the PC game and start playing and winning. Be rich, Just Roll It!

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