Are you bored in all those online games you play? Want to win real money and not just play? Are you into board games like Monopoly or such? We'll introduce you to, it is a free-to-play online casual board game where you can play with your friends in a very classic style monopoly game that has new twists and exciting features that you will surely love. The Players here can take turns in purchasing properties while having a chance to visit the most popular places around the globe. Also this is a Philippine based online board game that will surely hit it. By the way, did I say you can win actual cash in this game?
Ramon Bautista as the official endorser of this game
But before you can actually play you need to register here:

and download the game client here:!/download

Downloading the main PC client
PC minimum requirements to run the game
When starting the game, you need to login and select your own prefered character. There are plenty of characters to choose from, each characters has its unique stats, abilities and stories that can help aide you in winning these awesome games and prizes. Make sure that you increase your characters level and equip them with the different combinations of accessories that can also help in enhancing their abilities.

The login screen
Choosing the character you want
The game can be played by group of 2, 4 or even as an individual. Each game has its unique and colorful character, buying up properties and build real estate empire. By using your monopoly of real-estate market to collect form other players who land in your properties, you can force to bankrupt then easy to win the game. Though this isn't just any other old monopoly game, your character gives you special abilities that can help in giving best results in the dice rolls or give even extra luck of turns to give the tide in your favor.

The actual board game
The game maybe quite challenging at first but you'll get used to it eventually. The main goal of the game is to bankrupt other players in order to win the game so make sure do not buy every property, make a wise decision of placing players land into your land. You can win based on these conditions: First is Line victory where you have taken over the side of the board, second is Triple victory where you have owned 3 different places of different colors and the last is Tourism victory in which you have owed 6 spots of let say planets, islands, beaches and constellations.

For a limited time, you can live rich in real life for just playing the Just Roll It. Players can stand a chance to win at least Php 1,000 from a monthly prize pool of PHP 62,000. While you’re playing with it, you can also qualify in joining a weekly or monthly raffle over 3 months to win in a total prize pool of one million pesos! Yeah you heard it right, one million!

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What are you waiting for head out for, download the game client and start playing and winning. Be rich, Just Roll It!

By the way, we'll release a guide on how to play the game in the next upcoming article, so always check our site and be updated.
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