is an android mobile app that belongs to the biggest social learning network in the world and is now available for Android devices on Google Play.
In 35 countries with 12 language versions, over 40 million students visiting each month, more than 8,000 questions asked per hour and 450 moderators assuring the learning process quality. These are just a few numbers about Brainly, which is now available not only as a website (launched in February 2014), but also as a mobile app. app is designed for students from the Philippines, who want to share knowledge and help others with doing their homework. Both website and the app are 100% free of charge, because Brainly believes that every student, in every corner of the world, should have a free access to high quality education. “Every student eventually becomes stuck on a homework problem, causing frustration and loss of confidence. Our vision is to help students become unstuck by turning homework into an opportunity to inspire learning and collaboration. " - says MichaƂ Borkowski, Brainly CEO. 

How does it work? Users get points for answering questions and they can spend them on asking their own questions. The more tasks they do the higher are their rankings. The main idea behind this is that every student has strong and weak sides, so should be able to help other colleague for example at Math, but get help at Filipino. With a mobile app, they can do it anytime they need and anywhere they are. The educational-only content is constantly supervised by moderators, who are responsible for maintaining its highest quality.

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