In cooking schools (like in this story, which takes place in Japan), students need to cook food at their own table while following their instructor’s demonstrations. In order to enhance the teaching-learning experience, the school decided to use cameras to transmit close-up video of what the instructor is cooking and broadcast it to monitors for students at different locations to easily see. Moreover, the teacher will also need to switch to a real-time view of a digital recipe or a textbook, so a seamless switch between cameras and digital data on a PC will be critical on this setup.
ATEN HDMI Solution Establishes an Effective Educational System

So what are the challenges in this setup?
  • They wanted to take close-up videos of the cooking instructor’s hands and broadcast it to monitors installed at different locations in the classroom so that students can see every detail.
  • There were varying distances between source devices and monitors.
  • They also wanted to seamlessly switch between live-view displays and displaying the recipe / textbooks.
  • It’s a hassle for them to connect and use different devices with various interfaces, including HDMI (monitor), SDI (video camera) and VGA (PC).

What is ATEN's Solution?
ATEN has come-up an effective HDMI solution for this cooking school by doing the following setup in the images below:
ATEN HDMI Solution Establishes an Effective Educational System
ATEN's Solution Architecture 
ATEN HDMI Solution Establishes an Effective Educational System
The 4 x 4 HDMI Matrix Switch with Scaler
ATEN HDMI Solution Establishes an Effective Educational System
VE812 & VC480
ATEN HDMI Solution Establishes an Effective Educational System
VC180 - VGA to HDMI Converter with Audio
ATEN HDMI Features and Benefits
A Closer View with No Blind Spot – The VM5404H can route up to 4 sources to 4 displays so that numerous devices can be connected to display content: A PC for recipes as well as cameras for capturing the instructor’s cooking technique and steps so that students can watch from different locations within the classroom.

Display Anywhere You Like – The VE812 implements HDBaseT extension technology, allowing a long-distance video display and a simplified cable deployment with only one Cat 5e/6 cable.

Without Missing Anything – ATEN’s Seamless SwitchTM technology provides ultra-low latency video switching for students to see all instructions without missing any steps when the teacher switches among live-views and displaying the recipe/textbooks.

Effortless Integration – The VC480 and VC180 can respectively convert SDI (cameras) and VGA (PC) input signals into the HDMI format for monitors, which helps to integrate all the devices in the cooking school and greatly improves teaching efficiency.

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