AQUA is the world's lightest headphone amplifier that works well with your gadgets such a music players and smartphones. Through MicroUSB and iOS Lightning, AQUA connects and works directly to mobile devices. With its stylish design, it will be your best friend for high quality music. It allows you to have awesome listening experience anytime, anywhere. By the way, this is a Kickstarter project, if you want to have one soon back it up.

Meet the AQUA, World's Lightest Headphone Amplifier
Listening to music with smart phones has become an everyday thing for many. But most of them are not really happy with the sound quality. Actually, high sound quality is readily achievable. It doesn’t require any loudspeaker or stereo set, but an AQUA, an affordable, powerful, stylish, and battery-free headphone amplifier.

The makers believe the pleasure gained from listening to music is priceless. HiFi amplifiers for headphones are supposed to be affordable for everyone!

AQUA Amplifier Features
It's connected directly to the USB port or in the lightning connector, no extra battery power needed
AQUA needs no battery, hence no need to worry about recharging at all! Simply connect AQUA with your phone and headphones. Enjoy great music and fun anytime, anywhere, as long as your phone is on.

High-end Headphone Level of Sound Quality
AQUA, with the built-in high quality DAC (digital to analog converter,) and HiFi sound performance, gives your more than CD quality (16-bit/44.1kHz.) AQUA presents 24-bit/192kHz quality sounds. You can get the best listening experience without turning up the volume to 100. Crystal clear and full sound.

Exclusively for Headphones
We've designed for headphones an exclusive chip that amplifies 60mW circumaural headphones and earbuds with ease.  No matter if you're using a $30 headphone or better ones, you can feel the upgrade with AQUA.

Classy Design
More than audio, we'd like to surprise you visually and sensationally. Cast aside cheap plastic material, we use aluminum to forge AQUA's exquisite look. Like Apple, we adopt CNC machining, because we view AQUA as not just an amplifier, but also a fashionable accessory.

World's Lightest Amplifier
To make everyone enjoy perfect user experience, we minimize AQUA as best as we could. The line-like design makes it feel like part of the headphones. Plus the less than 1-dollar weight: 16g only! Users will forget that they're using AQUA. Who says amplifiers need to be huge?

How it works?

AQUA is available on now starting at a super early bird price of $39 USD.

Kickstarter Page:

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