Here is a quick history infographic of how headphones started. Headphones have gone through decades of transformation and have emerged as one of the most popular consumer electronic items. But what come through the way for the history of headphones?

A quick history of Headphones (Infographic)
Headphones have evolved from telephones and were used in theater in 1880s. But gradually innovators made headphones to serve as a portable and personal device.
Initially the successive technology breakthroughs in modern headphones came about to primarily support onstage performers. Musicians sought for a high quality top performing in ear monitors while performing. Engineers found solutions by incorporating different technologies to the in-ear monitors.
The solutions included introduction of custom in-ear monitors and balanced armature drivers. During the past decade or so balanced armature driver in-ear monitors have become popular among audiophiles. Balanced armature drivers serve to increase the performance of in-ear monitors. These come in up to 8 drivers per ear.
Below is an infographic created by hertzbeat, it traces the important stages of the innovations throughout out the 120 year history of headphones.

History of Headphones Infographic
Source: hertzbeat

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