YouPoundit is a new tech e-commerce player in the country that shared its plans and goals today about being one of the big players in the market by focusing on one very important aspect – the customers. The event was held in the Gandiva Achery Cafe & Archery Range, One Corporate Center, Ortigas last July 28.

Mark Reyes (Business Development), Jojo the Love Survivor, Ramon Bautista, Jun Sabayton, RA Rivera (Content), Kristian Salvo (CEO) & Lourd de Veyra
"We are very excited to finally share what we’ve been working on this past 9 months," said Kristian Salvo, Founder and CEO. "With our growing selection of brands & product offerings, compelling and entertaining content, and awesome customer service, is a great destination for your tech needs here in the Philippines.

Kristian Salvo (CEO) explaining the difference of online stores prices
As an online store, is first and foremost a service business with the primary goal of giving the best customer experience possible. This experience is comprised of three core principles:

1. Product Selection – with true relationships with the brands and/or it’s authorized distributors, customers have peace of mind when browsing through’s curated product offerings.
2. Content – entertaining and educational content to help customers decide on the best products for them and have fun at the same time (they do product reviews)
3. Customer Service – genuine customer service from pre-sales all the way to after-sales putting the customers needs first (which means good warranties and after-sale support)

"The easiest way to turn off a customer is when you continuously fall short of their expectations. Yet there seems to be an abundance of businesses here in the Philippines that continue to do so. They all lack one important trait - being customer-centric. We as consumers suffer and tend to settle due to lack of better alternatives," said Salvo. "We would like to give you a better alternative with"

The guys & Kontrabando!
They also have plans for having exclusive gadgets and sale upcoming soon! We'll wanna wait for those things out!

You can browse through their offerings at their online store:, check out their blog for “Fun Stuff” at, or take a peek at what their customers say about them

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