Ulefone is prepping another surefire great value phone for everyone dubbed as the UleFone Paris. As the name suggest, the Paris appears to be an elegant looking phone with a 2.5 D curved screen. 

UleFone Paris A Phone To Watch Out?
Ulefone Paris
It also has some similarities to the design philosophy of an iPhone and surprisingly even Meizu as it sports a halo home button based on the photo.

UleFone Paris A Phone To Watch Out?
Another angle of the Paris phone
What's missing in the information we have right now is almost everything as we only got the images of the said device. We don't know yet the specs, pricing and availability of the Paris. However, there are speculations that this could be a budget bang per buck device that will sport a 64 bit processor, LTE connectivity and Android 5.1 Lollipop.

I'm also optimistic that either SKK Mobile or Firefly Mobile might carry this device once it's out.


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