Last July 8, 2015, Powertech Asia Pacific Inc., which is a Philippine registered company and owner of Promate and the leading brand for portable generators in the Philippines, introduced the latest on-the-go portable generator ideal for recreational and residential consumption.

Introducing the Promate 420
As a complete back-up power solution, Promate 240 Indoor Power Station is designed to offer convenient and reliable source of power guaranteed to save your home and business from the hassles of possible outages.

The Promate 420 is capable of powering up home appliances which is perfect for brownouts
David Nouvelot (President) together with the assistant, demoing the Promate 420 - powering a light bulb and an electric fan at the same time
Packed with 24Ah sealed lead acid battery, this high-capacity power station suits indoor usage which could last several hours depending on power being plugged. It can also charge and power up selected appliances, mobile phones and your electronic devices, with 3 usb ports to fast-charge mobile devices. It also has a one duplex 400 watts outlet that allows you to directly plug regular appliances power cords, and a battery cable port that allows you to jumpstart a car or connect the power station to a battery for additional power time. These features are not only affordable and easy to use, but also ideal for communities with rotating brownouts and condo users. 

With its compact design and reliability, Promate 240 enables users to charge it through AC, car and solar charging ports. It also has a 4-led digital display that allows you to monitor the status of the generator, from the power output to the battery voltage.

This is very handy, the Promate 420 has a opening to keep the wires which can be used for powering up car batteries, 3 usb ports, duplex 400 watts outlet & LED digital display
The Promate 420 also has a built-in LED light in the side
Price and Availability
Promate 240 Indoor Power Station is currently available at major existing Promate retailers nationwide and is distributed by Powertech Asia Pacific Incorporated. Promate 240 has a Manufacturer’s Suggest Retail Price (MSRP) of Php 9,999 and will offer a 1-year limited warranty.

David Nouvelot along with his company representatives for Promate
About Promate
Promate is a registered brand of Powertech Asia Pacific, and a leading brand of portable generator in the Philippines, with nationwide distribution and aftersales services. Due to its reliability and responsive service team, Promate is became the brand of choice of most businesses such as drugstore, banks, convenient store… to protect their business from brownouts . Promate is also actively involved with various relief organization, regularly donating portable generators during calamities

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