It's about time! FiiO, the very popular audiophile DAC, DAP and Amp maker finally decided to make their latest FiiO X7 run on Android. The move isn't that surprising as it is a necessity nowadays as more and more high resolution music streaming services are now available.

FiiO X7 Announced! Possibly The Best Android Music Player In The World!
FiiO X7 baby!
Might be the best Android music player in the world!

I said that it could be the best music player in the world as this is the best spec'ed Android device that I've seen when it comes to music. It supports 384 KHz / 32 Bit DSD 128 supporting various lossless format, 4.0 Inch Full Touchscreen, ESS9018 HiFi DAC, interchangeable amplifier module design and measures at 130 x 64 x 16.5 mm.

Android will make a huge difference...

Those who are coming from FiiO X1, X3 and X5 will definitely feel the difference when it comes to the user interface. This will be a touch screen device, the navigation and controls will be better and easier and you can now install apps and software modifications when it comes to music. Aside from that this could also have the general Android usability such as browsing and etc. What we don't know right now is the exact Android versions they use here, hopefully it will be at least a Kitkat device.

The FiiO X7 is priced at just USD 699 or roughly around 31.6K converted to Philippine Peso. That's very affordable considering the power this device has.


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