ZTE is set to launch a new high-end handset dubbed as ZTE Axon which features dual lens camera with dual LED flash, 4K video capabilities and 4GB of RAM. Alongside these key features, the handset will also be equipped with Hi-Fi audio playback and recording (*ehem audio enthusiasts*).

ZTE Axon: 4GB RAM, Dual Lens Camera, Hi-Fi Audio
ZTE Axon: 4GB RAM, Dual Lens Camera, Hi-Fi Audio

According to their teaser page, the Axon will house "a large battery for all-around high performance under the hood". The page also mentioned that it will have a super-simplified Android interface with "full bleed" images and will be powered by "lightning-fast processor".

ZTE Axon Features

  • RAM: 4GB 
  • Camera: Dual lens camera, Dual LED flash, 4K video capabilities
  • Body: Metallic body
  • Audio: Hi-Fi audio playback and recording, Speaker Grills at the top and bottom
  • Colors: Phthalo Blue, Ion Gold, Chromium Silver

The smartphone will come in three colors: Phthalo Blue, Ion Gold, Chromium Silver. It is expected to be priced at around $450 (around Php20K when converted). More details to come when it finally launches in US on July 14. We'll keep you posted.


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