A lot of us love listening to music all by ourselves. However, did you know that music might just be better enjoyed with friends, over your favorite Soundfreaq speakers? According to research*, listening to music can increase positive emotions and strengthen ties among groups. Here are four reasons why you and your friends should #BondOverMusic starting today:
Clockwise: Pocket Kick, Sound Spot, Double Spot, and Sound Rise

1. Music can make us like another person more. 
Have you ever felt closer to people after a night of karaoke? According to research, the cooperation required to sing together, harmonize, and keep the beat tends to increase the release of endorphins (pleasure chemicals) in our brain. This makes us like the people we are singing with all the more.

2. Music can make us trust others more.
In addition to releasing endorphins, listening to music also releases oxytocin, the hormone that makes us trust others. So not only do we end up liking the people we are singing with, we also end up believing in them. 

3. Music builds up our empathy.
Listening to music has also been shown to activate areas of the brain that helps us understand what another person is thinking and feeling. This makes it easier for us to predict how they will act, and then adjust our own behavior accordingly. 

4. Music deepens our connection with others.
Have you ever felt an instant connection with a person, just because he or she shares your taste in music? You are not alone. Studies have shown that sharing the same taste in music with others tends to make us think that they share the same values as us. This in turn makes us more open to them being part of our lives.  

Instagram Contest
Looking for a speaker for your great bonding moments? Soundfreaq is launching its #BondOverMusic campaign, where you can get a chance to win a Soundfreaq Pocket Kick, a Sound Spot, a Double Spot, or a Sound Rise. 

Simply post an Instagram photo of someone with whom you love bonding over music. In the caption, complete this statement, “Using #Soundfreaq speakers, I want to #bondovermusic with (tag your friend) because he/she ________.” Remember to tag @DigitsTradingPH and @Soundfreaq. Post as many entries as possible until June 30, 2015. These photos might just give you the chance to win a speaker not just for you, but for your friend as well. Interested to learn more? Check out @DigitsTradingPH on Instagram!  

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