The Tramigo T23 Fleet Edition is one of the perfect solution on the market right now when it comes to a vehicle tracking and security device. It can serve as personal tracking need (for family & love ones) or for tracking of business trucks, heavy machinery, cars and vans - you name it. The Tramigo T23 Vehicle Tracker is one of the best for vehicle security, protection, efficiency, performance and status reporting as of the date as it also use SMS. T23 Fleet Edition also now supports advanced fleet management accessories such as real time fuel and temperature sensors and Driver ID among others. GPS Performance and 24v Protection has now been optimized too. By the way, we'll have the device to be raffled off in a few days, so stay tune guys!

The Tramigo T23 Vehicle Tracker box
What’s inside the box?

The box / package contains the following items:

- T23 Tracking Device
- External GPS Antenna
- Backup Battery
- Microphone
- Cigar Light Adapter
- External Panic Button
- Vehicle Power Cables
- USB Cable
- Mobile & PC Tracking App (downloadable via Playsstore, Applestore, Blackberry Store & Windows Store)
- User Manual

The package contains the necessary accessories to install and place inside your vehicle or you can opt to choose as an external device tracker if you do wish to use it to multiple vehicles you have. I have tried it and the capabilities of the device amazes me and see the below build to explore more of the device.

Build & Quality

The left side view of the T23 Tracking Device
The T23 Tracking device is not more of the looks but more of the functionality. Well I should say it is designed to be hidden somewhere inside the vehicle and to be docked on. The device is sturdy, matte textured & nicely colored black. On the top side, there are three status LED indicators  which are displays signal status on about what is happening on the device. It also has the call button which is for speed dialing and answering calls (requires hands-free accessory), panic button that sends out an alarm message with the unit's location to all registered users in the device and the power button.

The right side of the T23 Tracking Device
The right side have the ports and connectors for the external GPS Antenna plug, Vehicle I/O Connector (for vehicle wiring), Audio Plug (mic) and the USB connector for charging.

The back panel of the T23 Tracking Device
The hidden back panel (which is screwed up for protection), contains the battery and the sim slot (any network sim can be used - Globe, Smart or Sun Cellular for Philippines). I have not encountered any issues with the Smart network that I have used in the device. It's fully working once its powered on.


To explain further here are the list of features the Tramigo T23 has:

All In one Tracking Solution

Tramigo T23 is very easy to install to any vehicle and provides real-time location of your vehicle on any mobile device, anywhere in Asia with no monthly fees.

Vehicle Security in your Hands

Get alerts on theft, ignition, speeding and other critical alams and track on any phone via SMS or with the downloadable M1 Move Smartphone app.

Easy small fleet control

Check up on your fleet via SMS anytime, anywhere with the included Android Tab app. Track on a big screen without relying on servers, internet or other monthly fees.

Tools to manage large fleets

Monitor driver habits, reduce fuel use, view vehicle statistics and more with the M1 Fleet Enterprise server software. Perfect for fleets or tracking service providers.

Use on any phone or devices

Track on multiple vehicles from your smartphone or tablet using the M1 Move app.
T23 also works with no internet access or server access via SMS.

More Features

- Solid case for direct installation: No separate charger or installation case required
- Accelerometer/tilt sensor for towing alarms, secure parked and unguarded vehicles
- Including up to 300 000 landmarks and space for hundreds of user-inputed landmarks
- Power reporting to detect disconnection or bad vehicle battery
- Shut Down Engine, Ignition Sensing, Panic button and other IO features
- Geofencing, temperature, trip, odometer, vehicle idle time and speed
- Periodic time, distance and angle-based location and status reporting
- Full offline (SMS) and online functionality (Internet/GPRS)


The installation of the device can be as easy as placing the device inside your car as a portable tracker or be made permanent into the vehicle (by the way it works on any vehicle). The demo below shows the portable version so that the device can be used on multiple vehicle and if you're decided to place it permanently you can wire it inside the vehicle or have the technician do the work.

The T23 Tracker device is placed near the cigar lighter plug to charge the device itself during the trip, well you can use a longer USB cable if you want to place it on the other parts of the car. 

You can place the optional external GPS antenna or the mic if you want the extra functionality of hearing voices and GPS signal boost from the device (by the way the T23 has already built-in GPS inside). By the way here is a detailed guide on how to use it: Download here

M1 Move App / UI
M1 Move App UI
The M1 Move app is very easy to use and is using the Android Froyo interface so it should support older smartphones. At first I didn't like the UI itself because it is already outdated though I love how the functionality beats the look of the app. The app is pretty straightforward, it lists the available vehicles you have registered and you can view or send a command so you can track or have status report of the car. Sample reports are location reports, ignition sensing, trip reporting, speed & idle time limits, zone control and checkpoint alarms.

What's I like about it is that it uses the TLD (Tramigo Landmarks) which gives users ease of use when pin pointing a location like it does not just give the GPS longitude and latitude but it also provides the exact address of the vehicle which is not found on other trackers. Also the device can use SMS and GSM network to respond to commands, but what is special about it is that you will not be forced to have subscription fees for internet and servers as it is as simple as sending a text on sending commands. 

Using the app in Map mode which is a cool feature
There are variety of commands which includes the FIND (the device sends a report of where the car is), Status (sends a report of the status of the device itself like battery percentage etc.), SEND COMMAND (send additional commands you want), and there are a lot of commands you can do, refer to this long list of manual: Download here
The app is available on wide range of devices and OS like Android, iOS, Windows, & Blackberry though they recommend the Android version to work perfectly with the device. Also they have a new cloud service that allows people to track vehicles with any browser which is perfect for businesses and for mobile operators usage.

Technical Specifications / Data

Hardware Specifications

Size: 130 mm x 60 mm x 26 mm
Weight: 165 g (with battery), 125 g (without battery)


SiRF 4 based GPS module, Telit JF2
Internal antenna, external optional
Cold Start: <35 s, Hot start: 1 s
Signal strength acquisition -147 dBm, tracking -163 dBm


USB - micro USB - power and data input/output
2.5 mm jack - microphone, handsfree kit optional
GPIO - Molex 43045-1200
GPS - fakra connector
2 power, 2 ground, 4 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs,
1 analog input and 1-wire interface supporting multiple sensors


Operating -20 to +80 °C
Charging 0 to +45 °C


850/900/1800/1900 Sierra Wireless Wismo 228
Internal antenna
Multi slot class 10, Terminal B


Input Voltage 6 - 32 DC
3.7 V, 1300 mAh, Li-Polymer backup battery
Charging through USB or DC supply input
Typical power consumption 40-90 mA, standby 1 mA


Remote listen function
Speed dialing to 3 pre-programmed numbers

Video Demo


Well, I personally like the device as for its simplicity, easy to understand & straightforward functionality out of the box and also because of it can deliver reports via SMS! You can use it anywhere and anytime with a peace of mind on the status of your vehicle or your love ones. Comes with a companion app or you can send a command via text which is handy. It one of a kind in the market right now that is competing with other tracking devices that is unique and will cost you less in the long run. 

For more information on where to purchase the device, you can go to this link: or email:
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