A powerbank is an essential nowadays, but unfortunately most of them are bulky and feels heavy to bring especially if you're the type of person that just like to fit your stuff into your pockets. Fortunately, the likes of Xiaomi, Ekotek and now Pyxis now makes super slim powerbanks that's easy to bring, has good power and looks stylish as well.

Pyxis S1 5000 mAh Super Slim Powerbank Review!
Here's Pyxis S1
Today, I have here with me the Pyxis S1 5000 mAh powerbank to share with you  so let's start.

Unboxing / Accessories

Pyxis S1 5000 mAh Super Slim Powerbank Review!
Pyxis packaging
It comes in a hard plastic box that shows the compatible devices where you can use the Pyxis S1. There's also a Pyxis baller ID that acts as a lock to the package.

Pyxis S1 5000 mAh Super Slim Powerbank Review!
Inside the box
What I like here is the powerbank comes with a pouch to protect your powerbank from scratches and dust. It also comes with a short micro USB cable and baller ID.

Build / Design

Pyxis S1 5000 mAh Super Slim Powerbank Review!
Check out that thickness!
This Pyxis S1 reminds me of the slim Siaomi 5000 mAh powerbank that I saw few months ago. It's great because I loved everything that I saw from it and its here with the Pyxis S1. It's slim, stylish,lightweight and feels durable.

Pyxis S1 5000 mAh Super Slim Powerbank Review!
Some info below the powerbank
I also loved the way its covered with aluminum that adds more confidence in its overall design and build.


Pyxis S1 5000 mAh Super Slim Powerbank Review!
Light power indicator
The performance I got here was the one I expected, I was able to full charge the ZenFone 2 with 3000 mAh battery with my first charge easily, then I was able to charge it for about 60% on my second charge the other day. This must be good to help you last a day, but as the battery capacity and the power output suggest, it's not as quick charging and long lasting as most heavy duty powerbanks today.

While its not too long to charge at more than just 5 hours, I'm missed the opportunity to charge it even quicker with my 2 A chargers at home. Hopefully in the next version of this, we'll see at least 2.1 A output and 2 A input for quicker charging purposes. Fortunately, for the size, weight and thinness, I cannot complain that much and this is a solid powerbank for it's purpose.

Pro's - super slim sleek portable design, good build quality, decent battery capacity

Con's - only 1 A power output and input


  • Capacity: 5000 mAh
  • Output: 5.0 V up to 1 A
  • Input: 5.0 V up to 1 A
  • Charging Time: Up to 5 hours
  • Price: PHP 790


If you're looking for a powerbank that charge your phone for more than 1x for casual charging, the Pyxis S1 should be in your consideration. It's slim, light, stylish and fits well in anyone's pocket without the bulk. However, I would only recommend this to the non-heavy and power users due to the slightly small battery capacity and power output.
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