I thought that, the 200 GB microSD card from SanDisk is already the biggest as of the moment, but I'm wrong. I mean very wrong, Microdia just launched a 512 GB jaw dropping microSD card slot at the Computex Taipei.

Microdia Just Announced A 500 GB microSD Card! The Biggest In The World!
Photo credits to GSM Arena
When it comes to the specs is has that UHS standard support with up to 300 MB/s speeds, based on SD 4.0 standard and if your device don't have that standard it will be back at around 150 MB/s.

This type of storage is unimaginable for the a microSD card, before...

Microdia just made a game changing innovation with this, imagine storing a lot of your movies and 24 bit lossless audio collection on an ultra portable device. However, just like the USD 399 200 GB microSD card from Sandisk, this won't come cheap. It's priced at a whooping USD 1000 (around PHP 45K) for a first of a kind microSD card.

For sure audiophiles and storagephiles across the globe are salivating for this. It will be available in the market sometime next month. International availability is unknown yet.


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