It's great to see a top tech company with this type of advocacy. Yesterday, Acer officially launched to world the #PullitOff campaign that puts a deep message of persistence, just doing it and being strong in tough times. Acer also includes in this message that Anti - Bullying campaign to prevent it from destroying the confidence of a certain individual.

Yeng singing and Kiray dancing to #PullitOff Song
The #PullitOff campaign is also directly targeting the students to have new inspiration and to show them that challenges are just challenges and they're meant to be conquered as long as you believe in yourself. With the right attitude and mindset anything is almost possible, face your fears and come out as a better person.

“Students are  expected to perform well. Acer is with them  in struggles like these: most of us  came from  situations  similar  to  theirs  before,  so  we  know  that  there  is  a  lot  of value in being strong in tough times. Sometimes, all they need is a pat on the back, and be inspired in discovering their new capacities,” said Ray Gozon of Acer Philippines Leading the spread of this new message is singer-songwriter Yeng Constantino, famous  not  only for  catchy  tunes  such  as  “Jeepney  Love Story” and  “Chinito,”  but  also  for inspirational melodies like “Salamat” and “Hawak Kamay.” Her brilliant way of touching the  hearts  of the young  ones  make  her  the  ideal  ambassador,  for the campaign’s student-centric advocacy.

As  the  latest  endorsers  of  Acer’s  back-to-school  campaign,  Yeng,  along  with  actress Kiray Celis, hope to ignite the same fighting spirit in today’s youth via a music video that aims to inspire the young ones to believe in themselves and to just “#PullitOff. The  music video—which  was  shot in  school  released  recently  on  Acer  Philippines’ Facebook and Youtube  accounts—touch  on the issue  of bullying.  A  rampant  issue  in the Philippines, bullying has profound effects on a student’s self -esteem, if not managed well within self, But the right frame of mind can help a lot against even tough, potentially scarring challenges, as the video will show.

“Bullying has  always  been around, and it  exists because those who are bullied never get thecourage to overcome it by knowing their innate strengths. We want to show that there is endless merit to simple confidence and  appreciating your distinction,” said  RayGozon.

With this type of advocacy campaign, I'm giving Acer an A grade for starting it. I hope that other companies would also follow to help build a better nation for everyone and make the world a better place to live.
Yeng Constantino's Song on Bullying: #PullitOff
Hey Classmates! See what Yeng Constantino and Kiray Celis have to say about how to deal with bullies! Please Like and Share as your support to Anti-Bullying, with Acer's #PullitOff.
Posted by Acer Philippines on Sunday, May 31, 2015

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For more information check out Acer  Philippines  on  Facebook  and  Youtube  for  more information  and  share  the  #PullitOff video to show your support to this relevant campaign.
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