The Yoobao M4 is one of the latest additions to the growing family of affordable great performing powerbanks in their portfolio. This clearly targets individuals who wanted to charge two devices at the same time while they're on the go. Fortunately, we have here the exact unit with us and now we'll share with you our thoughts with it.

Remember to check the Yoobao scratch seal at the top
to make sure that you got the authentic product
Unboxing and Accessories

The accessories included
  • 1 x Yoobao Master Power Bank 10400mAh M4/YB-6024
  • 1 x Micro USB cable
  • 1 x English User Manual

The accessories included in the package is pretty basic, you get the powerbank itself, micro USB cable and an english manual. However, I always find a charger adapter missing in every powerbank package that I open. Hopefully, manufacturers will soon realize that there is really a need for a good adapter to be included in the package.

Build Quality

Torch power button and battery indicator
The Yoobao M4 is a solidly constructed powerbank, the plastic used here is made out of very good quality and it's not brittle compared to other cheap plastics. It is also heavy enough to give you that feel that it's a well made product. Overall, I'm sure that this can definitely last as long as you're using it properly.

microUSB charging port
Dual charging port (2A and 1A)

Easily, this is one of my favorite powerbanks when it comes to performance. One of it's port has that good power output at 2A which can charge my devices pretty quick and can even power my 2 in 1 tablet / laptop on the go and I it has that extra port with 1A output to charge my other devices.

Torch on!
(just hold the power button for about 3-5 seconds to open it)
Normally, my setup is like this. When I'm out I'm charging my tablet on one with the 2A out and my phone or pocket WiFi with the 1 A out. This is very efficient as I don't have to carry 2 devices at the same time. There was even a time where-in I was able to work outside for the whole day with the help of this powerbank. When it comes to charging performance that 10400 mAh capacity is quite accurate. I was able to charge my 2800 mAh phone for more than 3 times and when I used the 2A out it charges clearly faster than my 1A wall adapter.

Before I only bring powerbanks with 4000 - 5000 mAh battery capacity as my daily driver as they're very fast to charge. Now I'm using this 10400 mAh powerbank for my daily use as it is also quite fast to charge. Normally huge capacity powerbanks like this requires more than 12 hours of charging (that's why I don't like using it everyday), but with this there are times that I just needed at a sleep to complete its charge. It also has that torch effect for emergency purposes or whenever you need additional light in the dark. Overall, this is a great efficient powerbank.


  • Battery Cell: Li-Ion
  • Material: Aluminium-Magnesium Alloy
  • Capacity: 10400 mAh
  • Weight: 242 g
  • Dimension: 91 x 83 x 23 mm
  • Input: DC 5V--2100 mA
  • Output: DC 5V--1000 mA & DC 5V--2100 mA (max) 
  • Price: PHP 999.00, PHP 750.00


The Master M4 is a must have to those who are looking for a portable, lightweight and not bulky powerbank that's quick charging without shelling too much cash. It also has that type of performance normally found with devices 2 - 3x of its asking price. I would clearly get this over powerbanks with single charging ports at the same price. In general, I'm sure that this has the power and efficiency to fit anyone's lifestyle. Good job Yoobao!

Where to get this?

Novo7Tech: Click Here!
Lazada: Click Here!
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