Power Mac Center turns to the runways of Philippine Fashion Week unveiling its fashion-forward mobile and digital lifestyle accessories in the Philippines. As the style leader and tastemaker in consumer electronics, Power Mac Center announces the partnership in an unprecedented move to bring technology and fashion to the forefront of style and design.

Gosh! Brand creates powerbanks with particular aplomb, as shown by its Joule Haute Powerbank (8,000 mAh) in Tan. 
The pioneering collaboration makes Power Mac Center the ‘Official Technology Retail Partner’ of Philippine Fashion Week as it presents the Holiday 2015 Collections on June 12-14, 2015 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

Commenting on the new partnership, Power Mac Center Marketing Director Joey Alvarez said, “We are thrilled to be on the runways of Philippine Fashion Week, the dynamic 360 fashion platform celebrating Filipino creativity and visionaries in fashion and design. The collaboration is a milestone for Power Mac Center, which continues to serve the growing demand for tech fashion accessories.”

Knomo London gives laptop bags an extra flourish with the 14” slim Hanover briefcase in Black.
As an official partner of the country’s biggest fashion event, Power Mac Center presents five technology and mobile accessory brands that seamlessly integrate fashion and functionality in each collection to be presented at the upcoming Philippine Fashion Week.

Set to take the runways are Happy Plugs, Casemate, Moshi, Gosh!, and Knomo London. From earphones and smart phone cases to power banks and stylish laptop bags, every piece is designed with versatility and elegance for the demanding and fast-paced world of style-conscious consumers.

Among Happy Plugs’ showstopping creations are the Earbuds and iPhone case, both in Red.
“Power Mac Center brings together five brands that cater to the tech and fashion-savvy audiences,” said Alvarez. “These brands beautifully complement our array of mobile devices and we believe that they will shine on the runways and enhance the overall consumer experience.”

Adding dimension and flair to the accessory brands are selected fashion designers whose vision and creations continue to shape and influence the Philippine culture and fashion community today.

Anthony Nocom, Boyet Dysangco, Lyle Ibañez, Jeffrey Rogador, Arnold Galang, and Roland Alzaté blend the featured tech accessories and its structural elements with their respective collections, modernizing the way tech fashion accessories are worn.

“Indeed, it’s an exciting time in Philippine Fashion’s history. This season marks the beginning of fashion tech accessories on the runways of Philippine Fashion Week.  Technology has always been a major player in the culture at large. It wants to lead, not just how we communicate, but what we talk about, watch, read, and even wear, which is why the tech companies around the world are building out entire teams dedicated to fashion and style,” said Philippine Fashion Week Producer Tina Herrera.

Casemate accentuates fashion in its sleek iPhone cases available in Brushed Aluminum, Brilliance Gold, and Brilliance Diamond.

She added, “Last year, the tech industry woke up to fashion in a big way, with collaborations under way between not just the biggest tech companies and fashion houses but with some of the most respected avant-garde purveyors of fashion.”

“Technology has played a major role in developing and modernizing the way people see and interact with fashion. Now more than ever, technology is becoming increasingly intertwined with fashion to create a world where design elegance and functional value are de rigueur. Fashion will push the boundaries for the tech industry to explore new ways of experiencing technology, and we are excited that Power Mac Center is here to lead this global movement in the Philippines,” said Herrera.

Moshi offers a sophisticated selection of laptop bags such as the Urbana Briefcase in Green.
Established in 1994, Power Mac Center has grown to become a reliable consumer electronics retail shop and service provider to the Filipino consumer. The company continues to deliver solutions that provide customers with superior digital lifestyle experience through its extensive network of retail stores, service and training centers nationwide.

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