In a press con held mid this week, PLDT launches their Big Data Services with a good catchy line of "Big Data Bigger Result". That's actually quite true as companies nowadays will definitely need services like this to continue growing and have more efficiency. It allows companies to analyze openly available information in making good decisions. This type of service is now a must have in order to help local enterprises advance their businesses through a rage of digitally transformative solutions.

PLDT Group Launches Big Data! Plans To Be Even Bigger!
Big Data
“Big Data drives our everyday lives. Every action generates data, which become valuable insights that empower enterprises, organizations, government agencies, and even small and medium enterprises to develop more effective products, services, and programs for their target markets. By offering Big Data services, PLDT enables the country’s digital economy by providing capabilities that leverage our network infrastructure and data service expertise," said PLDT Executive Vice President and ePLDT President & CEO Ernesto Alberto.

PLDT Group Launches Big Data! Plans To Be Even Bigger!
Big Data
With the amount of data created and consumed by enterprises, there is a need to ensure that Big Data analytics services are backed by a reliable network infrastructure. As a company that heavily generates data, PLDT’s infrastructure is designed to handle Big Data processes generated by over 75 million wired and wireless PLDT subscribers.

It seems like PLDT is serious in backing their words up, they now have 6 data centers nationwide and is now planning to add two more. Aside from that PLDT group invested more than 1.3 billion pesos to further improve this Big Data solutions. That's aside from all the other investments they made to improve their wired and wireless services.

Their network of PLDT network of Data Center can processes industry level data center request which enables PLDT to offer Big Data services such as Expert Consulting, Managed Platform services nad Breakthrough Insights. The following services is backed by PLDT's robust communications and technology infrastructure, highlight the company’s digital transformation initiatives of developing new service offerings that take advantage of a continuously transforming consumer and business landscape.

“PLDT’s world-class infrastructure is capable of handling the most demanding data analytics tasks. The introduction of Big Data analytics in PLDT’s portfolio reinforces its commitment to provide customers with game-changing capabilities and insights that can propel their business to the ASEAN landscape,” said ePLDT Group Chief Operating Officer Nerisse Ramos. 

This is perfect for Large Enterprises together with the SMEs in the financial services, logistics, retail, hospitality, healthcare and utility industries as they can benefit from Big Data Analytics. Applications of Big Data vary according to a business’s size. SMEs can benefit from Big Data by equipping them with the data processing backbone to match business capabilities of large enterprises with a portion of the cost something that cannot be achieved with traditional business models. Large enterprises, on the other hand, can get to know their consumers and think like an SME through insights that they receive at the individual level.

“The Digital age provides a highly-competitive environment for business. The PLDT Group’s introduction of Big Data services aims to reinforce the competitiveness of our country by leveraging on our continued investments in network infrastructure and technology platforms. This promotes the country’s digital transformation, and the ICT solutions we enable our customers with contribute to the development and sustainability of our business and the economy at large,” Alberto added.

Customer behavior can be tracked through online transactions and loyalty card usage to help retailers and banks create relevant offers. Logistics companies can optimize routes; and organizations can use historic and location-based data to evaluate and manage disaster risks.

In PLDT’s case, Big Data helps the company determine opportunities for cross- and up-selling products, promoting various platform events, and developing promos depending on actual consumer usage. These decisions are based on data that provide valuable insight into the profiles of PLDT’s users, helping the company develop relevant products, services, and promotions for its consumers. 

PLDT also announced that their now a member of the Open Data Platform that standardize the core platform of Big Data worldwide. PLDT is also the first company in the southeast Asian region to be recognized by the ODP together with GE, Hortonworks, IBM, Infosys, Pivotal, SAS, and VMWare among others.

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