In a post by a certain Facebook user at MyPhone Rio 2 group, he just spotted the flyers with the price of MyPhone's nationwide sale! The sale includeds the MyPhone Rio Junior, MyPhone Rio Junior TV, MyPhone Rio Fun, MyPhone Rio Craze, MyPhone RIo, MyPhone Uno, MyPad 4, MyPhone Infinity and MyPhone Rio 2!

MyPhone Nationwide Up To 60% Off Sale Price List Leaked!
MyPhone Sale
The List...

MyPhone Rio 2 - PHP 4,999
MyPhone Rio 1 - PHP 3,999
MyPhone Infinity - PHP 10,499
MyPhone Rio Fun - PHP 2,499
MyPad 4 - PHP 3,999
MyPhone Rio Junior - PHP 1,499
MyPhone Rio Junior TV - PHP 1,599
MyPhone Rio Craze - PHP 1,799

What's surprising here is the MyPhone Rio 2 Lite is not included in the sale. Overall, this is pretty much what I expected from the sale and I'm glad that they brought down the price of the Rio 2 to 4,999.

It will be available this May 14, 15 and 16, 2015 on MyPhone Stores, Kiosk and selected Warehouse locations.


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