Last May 9, 2015, the Manila Pluralsight Study Group held a comeback event to help developers or even non-developers to learn more about the Real-time Web Applications and SVG technology. The event took place at the Boracay Room, Microsoft Philippines Office, 6750 Ayala Avenue, Makati City. Also, If you guys are finding free seminars / study sessions, this group event gathering is the perfect place to be (especially for developers and aspiring to be). See what happened from the double treat event the group has prepared.

All the attendees of the Manila Plural Study Group last May 9!
About Manila Pluralsight Study Group
The Manila Pluralsight Study Group was started for the express purpose of gathering developers together on a bi-weekly basis to watch, discuss and learn from Pluralsight's vast library of training.

The said group is supported by Pluralsight itself for it's efforts and sponsored by Microsoft who is generously providing the meeting facilities.

Pluralsight currently supports 36 active study groups over 20 countries and one of it is - Manila! 
Manila is included as a Philippine local chapter of the global study group! Awesome that we are included too right?

Study Sessions
The following 2 study sessions were conducted, below are the brief description:

One of the group leads talking over skype and the presentation is about to start 
Real-time Web Applications by Bill Stavroulakis
A large number of technologies and practices have attempted to tackle real-time demands to constantly update the browser. The new HTML5 WebSocket protocol promises bi-directional communication between the server and the client through a single TCP connection that removes a great load of header information and reduces latency. At the end of this course, you will be fully aware of the technologies needed to build real-time web applications and why HTML5 WebSockets offer us the opportunity to create unique web apps and enhance browser capabilities we had never had the chance to lay our hands on before.

Attendees watching & listening to the presentation
Up and Running with SVG by Ryan Irelan 
Everything you need to know to get up and running with SVG. Over 100 minutes and more than two dozen working code examples. During the course you'll learn how to create SVG images using software tools like Adobe Illustrator, how to code SVG images by hand, and how to manipulate SVG images using CSS and JavaScript. We wrap up by reviewing performance considerations and additional tools and resources to help you get the most of out using SVG. 

Ssshhh... All were busy listening to the sessions
Raffle Prizes!
Yes, the event comes with the exciting raffle prizes like free One-month subscription to Pluralsight's vast library of training videos and presentations, shirts, tags and pens. 
Pluralsight item goodness!
As you can see the are different attendees, be it a student, a working professional, set of developers and even old women who wanted to learn joined in too! Cool isn't it?
Free! Free! Free! Ryan Lintag & Marc Balanon giving aways the freebies!
Final Thoughts
If you are a curious or information hungry individual like me that wanted to learn more about Information Technology, current technology trends and other things, this study group might suit you well. The sessions were information packed and you can learn many things from it. Be it students wanting to learn and have more experiences before graduating, people looking for jobs that need experience / seminars, current professionals who want to add new knowledge to what they already know or to anyone that just want to join for the sake of learning - this is a very recommended study group to join! I definitely would love to attend more future sessions with this study group! There are so many things to learn and to discover. Also it's fun to meet new people who are also in your field of interest. What's the best is that they are conducting these sessions for free and have some bonus things to share at times :) By the way thanks specially to the sponsors of the event - Pluralsight & Microsoft!

If you want to know more and be updated you can visit their Facebook page: or check for updates here in our site for future events / sessions!

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