As most of our readers know, the LG Quadbeat 2 is my most recommended in ear monitor under PHP 1.5 K last 2014 due to its Hi-Fi like sound quality, great details, quite big soundstage, good sound layering and seperation. I actually even put it on top of our list as the best sounding stock in ear monitor you can get from a smartphone last year.

There's An LG Quadbeat 3! What To Expect?
Quadbeat 3!
Fast forward 2015, I just spotted at the Android Headlines to my personal audiophile-ish delight that there will be a 3rd generation of my favorite stock IEM line called the Quadbeat 3!

In a report by the above mentioned website, the LG Quadbeat 3 will be included as a bundle with the new and powerful LG G4. It now features a new quad layer diaphragm that helps the monitor sound clearer, better and produce richer tunes. It also has a rated power of 20mW, a sensitivity of 105dB and a standard frequency band of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. It also has an impedance of just 24 ohms which makes this one very easy to drive. There are also 3 buttons for volume up, volume down and answer call functions. Lastly, it seems like LG used a better cable in this one to further improve its build quality.

Personally, I'm now very excited to hear this one ASAP and compare it with the current IEM to beat which is the much improved Pistons V3 and see if LG will top Xiaomi again. If you're planning to buy IEM only without the phone, it's priced at just USD 23 or roughly around 1000 pesos. I'm expecting this to continue an improve the great audio quality success of the quadbeat 2.

Hopefully, this will be available in the Philippines soon too! What are your thoughts?


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