Audiophiles, Vinyl Record Collectors, Music and Indie fans rejoice! The Satchmi Store in collaboration with with Jam 88.3 had a very successful launch of their Fresh Filter Volume 1 Vinyl Record last Friday, May 22, 2015.

The Awesome Satchmi & Jam 88.3 Fresh Filter Volume 1 Vinyl Record Launched!
Satchmi's logo at the fresh filter launch!
The album is a compilation of songs from the best indie artist in the country that was supported by Mr. Edric Chua (Satchmi) and DJ Russ (Jam 88.3) to give the local indie scene a huge lift. The artist line up was extremely solid which includes Satchmi's very own B.P Valenzuela, Autotellic, The Library Kids, Flying Ipis, A Problem Like Maria, Bullet Dumas, Cheats, Moonwlk, Ourselves The Elves, Tandems '91, The Ransom Collective and Yolanda Moon.

The Awesome Satchmi & Jam 88.3 Fresh Filter Volume 1 Vinyl Record Launched!
They're on tour right now!
Catch them next this May 29 at Saguijo Makati, June 12 at A-Space Makati and June 26 with the entire lineup of artist at the Cubao Expo!

My first listening impressions...

Fresh filter everywhere at the store
This is one of the rare records where I loved everything I heard! Every track was well made, musical and carefully mastered. I loved how they made the instruments well separated and the vocals were very clear. (The headphone crowd will surely like this) This is a must have for audiophiles who wanted to listen to tracks with great quality. Aside from the musical perspective, all the songs were well written and great to listen with.

Note: Me and whatneilwritesabout had a good listen to it at the Satchmi Store a week before the launch.

The Fresh Filter effect...

While I'm not that familiar with the local indie scene that much, the Fresh Filter Volume 1 made me a believer. I'm now a fan and it's the perfect way to give our indie scene a major boost. So let me tell you this... If you love music, you'll definitely like this track. It's a bargain at just PHP 1,499!
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