There will be a 3rd member of the Lynx family from SKK. Earlier, an image of the SKK Lynx Edge was posted in a Facebook group of SKK Lynx. The only information we have right now is the SKK Lynx Edge is going to sport a quad core processor.

SKK Lynx Edge Teased!
Lynx Edge render
There are also speculations that this is going to be the most affordable Lynx and it might have the least specs. What we don't know right now is its exact specifications. Based on the photo, it appears to be a smaller version of the SKK Lynx and the SKK Lynx Lite.So if the octa core powered Lynx is priced at 3999, then the Lynx Lite is at 2999 this might be really very cheap. If that's going to be the case, this is going to be a very bold move from SKK to put a decent quad core device for the masses at a very very low price.

I'm definitely hoping for that.


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