Earlier today, Samsung Philippines, the world leader of in the Smart TV industry officially unvieled their latest, powerful and beautiful line of SUHD TV and eargasmic audio solutions. That includes The Omni-Directional 360 Audio and Curve Soundbars to further enhance your TV sound experience.

Samsung Introduced Its Latest And Most Advanced SUHD TVs And New Audio Solutions
They introduced the premium "S" TV...

The New SUHD TV that has sensational, awesome picture quality, seamless interaction and stylish design. It is also said that this SUHD TV has an unmatch picture quality that has amazing advances in contrast, brightness, color reproduction and detail that's superior to everyone else.

Samsung Introduced Its Latest And Most Advanced SUHD TVs And New Audio Solutions
The 3 top of the line TVs
It utilizes a proprietary eco-friendly nano crystal tech and an intelligent SUHD re-mastering engine. Which gives you 64 times more color expression than conventional TVs while minimizing additional power consumption by automatically analyses the brightness of an image. It also has support for 4K or higher resolution, high dynamic range, wide color gamut and 3D audio.

It comes in 3 series of SUHD TVs, JS9500, JS9000 and JS8500 from 55 to 88 inches.

The Family TV 2.0...

Samsung Introduced Its Latest And Most Advanced SUHD TVs And New Audio Solutions
Family TV 2.0
Together with the 3 premium SUHD TVs, Samsung also introduced the Family TV 2.0 that has a number of features like the new Family Feature 2.0 that allows customers save and send photos together with the sound bites of their favorite TV moments. It also features a Story Replay which can record photos with audio of TV programs. Aside from that it also has that sports mode that can give you quick access to sport matches with the users have the privileged to playback top moments from the game.

Samsung also introduced Omni Directional 360 Audio and Samsung Curved Soundbar

Samsung Introduced Its Latest And Most Advanced SUHD TVs And New Audio Solutions
Samsung Audio
The Omni-directional 360 Audio was developed in the new state of the art Audio lab in California, the WAM 7500 / 6500 speakers that has the style and sound to harmonize and beautify any home. It is said to have that 360 degrees sound that gives you an expansive realistic type of soundstage. It also features a hassle less plug and play installion by connecting the speaker to a router or plugging the unit in.

Then the Curved Soundbar features a sleek and clean design that compliments the Samsung Curved TVs from 48 to 78 inches very well. It also has that 9.1 channel audio with a central and side speakers to each end that gives you a surround sound. Then it also has that patented Multi-Air gap that act as a subwoofer to give you deeper and fuller bass. Lastly it has that wireless connection wherein you can connect it through TVSoundConnect via Bluetooth.

Overall, all the offerings of Samsung that was launched today are really interesting and personally, I'm looking forward to see anybody's home with this type of setup.

Note: SRP of the items to be updated... Keep an eye on this article. :)
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