Good day Geeks! Here is a very interesting event and we invite you guys join in this event too. As the Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon becomes more and more mainstream, Microsoft Philippines along Globe Labs with JumpSparc  will be teaching students, professionals, hardware and software enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs how to make the IoT transition quicker and easier.

IoT promises to innovate customer experience by allowing objects embedded with communications technology to transfer data over a network, helping them “talk” with each other.  For example, car sensors can notify the driver if the vehicle’s condition is alarmingly dangerous; a washing machine’s status can be accessed via Wi-Fi; and your package or delivery can be tracked anywhere in the world in real time.

As a highlight, the organizing companies will conduct an IoT Hackathon, which will also include maximizing the power of Azure Computing Services like Event Hub, Streaming Analytics, and Web Sites, in the context of a full end-to-end IoT solution.
The winners of IOT HACKS will receive exciting prizes such as ;  Lumia Phones, Windows Tablets, Bizspark,  Pocket Wifi among others.

For those who are interested to join, registration is still open, you may register at

IOT Hacks is also in collaboration with Red Wizard Events & PR Strategists, for more details about this event, you may call 0917-9048777 or 0922-3844227.

Let us learn and apply the convergence of multiple technologies through Internet of Things Hackathon!

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