Great news audio fans and everyone! Zero Audio, the makers of Carbo Tenore and Carbo Basso who made a lot of noise via head-fi is coming in the Philippines!

Great News Local Audiophiles! Zero Audio Is Coming To The Philippines!
Zero Audio IEMS
Zero Audio products are known to be extremely great for the price that's why many considers them to be one of the top bang per buck brands in the IEM world. Based on the Facebook page of Zero Audio, they'll be bringing here the Carbo Singolo, Carbo Doppio, Duoza, the popular Carbo Basso and Carbo Tenore.

There's still no word for the exact pricing and availability of the above mentioned products. I'm guessing that the likes of Egghead Audiohub and The Listening Room might carry them. As of the moment this is a very good development in the local audiophile scene and we'll definitely keep an eye on this to update you guys.

Check them out: Carbon Zero Facebook Page
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