Firefly Mobile is doing a lot of hype recently. They just posted on their Facebook Like page account that they'll be having  a device that's going to be powered by 4 cores, but it will be faster than a budget octa core device.

Firefly Mobile To Release A Quad Core Device That's More Powerful Than Octa Core Devices! Intel Or Snapdragon?
Firefly Quad Core
Yesterday, we posted a news about the possible local version of the Ulefone Be Pro that could be released by Firefly Mobile. We are guessing that it could not be this phone that the Be Pro Packs an octa core processor from MediaTek. If that's the case our guess maybe wrong with the Be Pro or this could be another device that they'll release.

Going back, the most interesting part of that post is they posted the hashtag #My4BeatsYourOcta. That's interesting as the quad core processors that beats octa core processors are from Qualcomm and Intel. I'm guessing here that they'll use a quad core Intel processor here ala ZenFone 2 as Snapdragon 801 or 800 will surely hike the price of their device.

We'll definitely keep you posted on this very exciting news from Firefly Mobile. :)


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