Look! ZTE is making a very big statement with the much anticipated Z9 Max! The new powerful and beautiful flagship phablet from ZTE is crushing the Antutu benchmark by scoring over 56K (56,892 to be exact) making it one of highest score we've seen from a phone who uses the Snapdragon 810 processor.

ZTE Z9 Max Scored Over 56K On Antutu Benchmark!
Antutu score of ZTE Z9 Max and Z9 Mini
While its smaller counterpart, the mid-range Snapdragon 615 Z9 Mini doesn't have a mind blowing score at just 28,501. Don't get me wrong, 28,501 is still a good score for a mid-range phone, but it is no where as powerful as the new Z9 Max.

As of the moment, the ZTE Z9 Max is one of the highest overall Antutu score we've seen in the internet so far. It was able to top the previous 2014 leader which is the MX4, but it was still not that close to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge which scored almost 70K on that test.

Overall, this phone is still extremely powerful and the striking design of this unit should appeal most people who wanted a very sleek looking smartphone.


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