During the WinHEC event earlier! Windows announced the availability of Windows 10.0 for Xiaomi Mi 4! Right now it is still on technical preview, but as soon as soon as Xiaomi perfected it will be available for download on the Xiaomi Community.

Xiaomi Windows Phone 10! How Cool Is That?
Xiaomi Windows Phone 10!
Right now, the select lucky users of Xiaomi Mi 4 are invited to test out the Technical Preview of the ROM. They might be also able to contribute to the community by downloading / installing it and giving their feedback to Microsoft.

Overall, this is a very exciting progress in the Windows Phone development as Xiaomi is currently one of the fastest rising and most popular smartphones today. Plus they have a very solid fan base that may surely want to try Windows on their Mi 4. Then lastly, this partnership is also a good sign that we may see this with other Mi Devices. Windows Mi Note Pro please! :)


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