Xiaomi has done a lot of crazy good things lately. This time they created a new action camera that should compete very well against the GoPro Hero! The Yi Action camera comes with a powerful photo and video capability in a very compact size. Then the killer feature of this is its price! It would just cost around USD 65 which is half the retail price of the GoPro Hero at USD 130!
What To Expect With The New Xiaomi Yi Action Camera?
Yi Action Camera
I'm sure even GoPro Hero fans will definitely take a look at this...

The Yi actually has almost identical specifications compared to Hero. However, the Yi has better video quality. It has a 16 MP resolution and can record 1080p videos at 60fps compared to the 5 MP 1080 30 fps capability of the Hero. The Yi Camera uses a Ambarella A7LS images processor and a Sony Exmor R BSI CMOS image sensors which is definitely more powerful than most of the competition. The Yi Action Camera also has a wider viewing angle at 170 degrees, lighter at 72 g and comes with a selfie stick.

As of the moment the main advantage of GoPro Hero over the Yi action camera is the accessories included and availability. We don't know yet if this product will be even released here in the Philippines, but I'm looking forward to see it in action very soon!


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