It seems that Swatch is now ready to enter the world of smartwatches as it introduces the Swatch Touch Zero One - its first smartwatch made for sporty people who plays beach volleyball. According to a video that Swatch has uploaded on YouTube, the smartwatch can measure the power of your smash and how much you clap. Thanks to its sensors!

Swatch Touch Zero One Announced: First Smartwatch Made For Beach Volleyball

It also counts your steps then calculates the distance travel plus the calories burnt. When paired with your smartphone, an accompanying application would receive all of the data, then user would be able to pick a virtual coach, set his/ her goals and keep track of all his/her activities. Unlike other smartwatches, you won't be able to receive email, message notifications or control any functions of your phone using the Swatch Touch Zero One. 

The Swatch Touch Zero One features a curved touchscreen, a backlight and six timing functions. It comes with a standard Swatch battery which can survive months without recharging. By the way, this is also a waterproof smartwatch, if you worry about your sweat.

Pricing and availability is unknown yet as of the moment. Would you be interested to avail one? Comment your thoughts below. 


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