It seems like, Lynx Lite is coming very soon! Fresh from the success of SKK Lynx, SKK is now preparing to release other version of that smartphone. SKK just used a kitten image of the Lynx that could mean that this could carry a less powerful specifications at a cheaper rate.

SKK Teases Lynx Lite!
SKK Lynx Lite!
How affordable can they go?

If they can go as low as 3,999 for an octa core device with a premium build quality. I'm expecting SKK to go as low as they can again with this phone. If my prediction is correct this phone could have a quad core processor, 1 GB of RAM (could be 512 MB too) and a smaller screen size. I'm not sure if this phone will still carry the same great aesthetics of the Lynx though. (But I'm really hoping this do) Overall, I'm expecting this phone to be another great value phone just like what they usually do.

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