After the success of the budget game changer in SKK Lynx, the company seems to be very eager to ride on that momentum. They just teased us with 2 new smartphone from the Lynx Series. Namely: Lynx Lite and Lynx Edge!

SKK Lynx Series Teased! (Lynx Lite, Lynx X And Lynx Edge)
We're now very curious about this!
While the company did not give us any other information aside from the above photo, I'm putting my speculations on those phones. The Lynx Lite could be a less powerful model that could carry a quad core processor and a slightly smaller display then the Lynx Edge is the more mysterious one. It could be a super thin model with decent internals or could be something like the Galaxy Edge as the name suggest? (Why not?)

As of the moment, all my writings are just pure speculations, but I will definitely keep an eye on this as this might be gearing up to be the next big phone series aside from the MyPhone Rio line.


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