If you think that 30,000 mAh powerbank is already very huge, think again. There's a 100,000 mAh powerbank that's roaming around the world of Lazada marketplace right now! It is the largest capacity powerbank we've encountered that will surely last for months before draining out.

OMG! There's a 100,000 mAh Powerbank On Sale At Lazada!
100,000 mAh? Are you serious? :)
The super powerbank has 4 USB ports with a total capacity of 12 V, 26Ah and 288Wh. If your phone has 2,000 mAh rating you can charge it for about 50 times and more than 30 times for phones with 3000 mAh capacity. Now that's more than 1 month of power, but there's a trade off of course. This device is not that portable it weighs around 3 kg that seems to be as heavy a a car battery and the charging time could be so long for an unconfirmed number of days. It can also charge other devices with 12V like some laptops.

This one is priced at around PHP 14,999 and could be perfect for camping and going to places without electricity.


High Frequency Online Universal Power Supply with 4-Port 5V Output and 4-12DC Output for Emergency Charging 
Power: Premium Lithium-Ion Batteries 
Output: Rated 500W, Peak 1000W 
Input: AC 110V-220V 50Hz/60Hz 
Output Voltage: 220V / 50Hz or 110V / 60Hz 
Battery Capacity: 12V 26Ah 288 Wh 
USB Outputs: 4-Ports 
DC Output: 12V Output Max Output Current 10A 
LED Lighting: 1W upto 3W 
Solar Charge: Voltage 18V Max Input Power 100W 
Output Waveform: Modified Sine Wave 
Weight: Three (3) Kilograms 
ReactionTime: More or less 5MS 
Additional Function: Flashlight 
Safety:Intelligent protection against Overcharging, Overdischarging,Over loading and Short Circuit. 
Compatibility: SmartPhone,Tablet PC, DC/DV/MP3/MP4/PSP, and etc. 
Charging Cycle: 500 cycles above 
Charging Time: around 24-48 hours div> 

Backup Time

Three (3) Hours - PC and Display 
Ninety Six (96) - 12V LED 
Fifty Five (55) Cycles - 5V Mobile Charger 
Eight (8) Hours - Laptop 13" 
Six (6) Hours - 50W Electric Fan 
Five (5) Hours - 32" LCD Screen 
Fourteen (14) Hours - 20W Energy Saving Lamps

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