After the success of the great sounding budget oriented Mi Pistons 2.1, Xiaomi introduced yesterday a new in ear monitor that could be an upgrade over their old beryllium shelled IEM.

New Xiaomi Mi In Ear Monitors 2015! What Are Your Expectations?
Xiaomi Mi In Ear Monitors 2015
The new Mi In Ear Monitors has a total design change. Gone are the fabric braided cables as it now sports a flat cable which is not loved by audiophiles 80% off the time. Fortunately, the flat cables they included are kevlar coated so we can expect better durability compared to most flar cables that doesn't perform too well. The new Mi IEM now also have a new Anodized aluminum housing that could be an upgrade over the old beryllium housing.

When it comes to the tuning of this IEM, I'm expecting it to be a little bit more balanced as it now uses a 3rd generation balanced damping system. The other things they improved about the design of the in ear monitor for a supposedly better sound quality are the "metal composite diaphragm technology" and the "Spiral Pipe" sound chamber.

Here's the rest of the features of this new Mi IEM...

  • Anodized aluminium housing w/ brushed finish
  • Metal composite diaphragm technology
  • 3rd-generation balanced damping system
  • "Spiral Pipe” sound chamber w/ optimized bass performance
  • Knowles microphone technology
  • Kevlar coated cable
  • Comes in a gift case with extra silicone sleeves
  • Supports Xiaomi and iOS devices

Overall, I have very high expectation due to what they did with the V-Shaped Mi Pistons 2.0 / 2.1. I hope that it has more clarity this time and have a less fatiguing highs as that's my only complaint over the great sounding Mi Pistons. I'm sure that this is going to be a big hit to the masses and budget-philes is they can do that.

It will be priced at just RMB 99 or roughly a little over PHP 700
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