Earlier here at Rancho Elena, Canlubang Laguna MyPhone just teased us with the new upcoming Rio phones coming! According to the teaser the company will be releasing 4 new models by the end of March. It is said that the following devices will have the latest operating system, better specifications, more powerful hardware and better pricing!

MyPhone Teases 4 New Rio Coming Up With A Blast!!!
MyPhone Rio New Models!
I'm speculating here that they will release and entry level, mid-entry level, midrange and flagship Rio. The midrange model could have an octa core processor, at least 2GB of RAM and 5 inches of display. Then the flagship model should also have an octa core processor, probably bigger ram and better display! (amoled anyone?)

Video Here

As of the moment we still don't know most of the details on the entry level models and all the other specifications of the devices.

We'll let you know ASAP once we have the exact details already. :) So watch out for it!
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