Both LG and Sony decided to skip MWC to release their flagship phones and not to compete with HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6 yet. Then as we all know the main star of MWC was the Galaxy S6 and its jaw dropping benchmarks and fresh premium design.

LG G4 Or Sony Xperia Z4? Which Of Them Will Beat Samsung Galaxy S6?
LG G4 Or Sony Xperia Z4?
I'm sure that both companies will try to beat Galaxy S6 Edge...

Maybe this both LG and Sony is not rushing things up. I guess they looked on what Samsung and HTC has to offer in order for them to tweak their devices in order to beat the competition. For the past 2 years LG has been arguably the standard of all Android Flagship phones with all the innovations put together there. I'm speculating that they're not ready to give up their crown yet to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and we might see a very special phone from them. In Sony's case, this is all about redemption as the Z3 was not that as spectacular when Z2 was released. I'm sure that the company is has too much pride not to come up with something better than Samsung or probably the best phone that we're going to see yet.

There are rumors that both LG and Sony might release their upcoming much anticipated flagships this April. We just don't know yet what specs, software, performance and design we are going to see yet. I'm sure that things will heat up again in the smartphone competition. On the other news we should also watch out for Meizu and Xiaomi as they are very hungry to compete with the best and always seeks perfection.

What do you think guys? What's your favorite brand? Who will have the best flagship phone this 2015?
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