Most of the times the front camera of our smartphones are really bad in the dark, unless you are using a high end phone. If often lead to unbelievably bad shots as you may not be able to capture your moments properly. Fortunately, there are apps in the Google Playstore like the "Front Flash" that uses your screen as your flash. That feature is also often found in Lenovo handsets and some other phones, now anybody can have it with the use of this app.

How To Have Front Camera Flash? (Android)
Front flash
How to use it?

1. Download "Front Flash" on Google Playstore
2. Adjust the brightness of your smartphone to the max
3. Open the App
4. Adjust the brightness of the App
5. Take a photo
6. Choose a filter
7. Enjoy!

Sample shot in the dark

Still not so detailed and sharp, but it is good enough already to have a view-able picture in total darkness
It's that easy! Now anybody with a good screen can take selfies even in the dark with the use of this app.

Download the App: Click Here!
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