A powerbank is often defined as a portable external battery charger which can be used for charging your mobile phone, mp3/mp4, ipod, and other digital devices. There are many companies and brands that offer powerbanks, and one of the most promising brand that keeps on producing high quality and affordable powerbanks is Ekopack. Say hello to Ekopack 11000!

Ekopack 11000 mAh Powerbank Full Review
Meet Ekopack 11000 mAh
The Ekopack 11000 mAh powerbank is currently one of the most gleaming looking powerbank I’ve ever seen because of its textured body cover. Well of course, it’s quite heavier compare to Ekopack Slim 4000 due to its battery capacity. But guess what? Ekopack is currently offering this for only Php 1649.00. What? Php 1649? for a 11000 mAh powerbank? Yes! You’ve read it right.. Sweet deal, isn’t it?

Unboxing and Accessories

Ekopack 11000 mAh Powerbank Full Review
The classy looking packaging of Ekotek
Ekopack 11000 mAh Powerbank Full Review
Inside the box
The packaging includes the following:

  • USB Adapter
  • Ekopack Pouch
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Ekotek Sticker
  • Ekotek Starter Handbook
  • Free Card for a 1 year warranty

Build Quality

Ekopack 11000 mAh Powerbank Full Review
The 2 USB charging ports!
The Ekopack 11000 mAh looks so much like Ekopack 13000 mAh. With its thick and classy body cover that protects the internal primary battery pack, you can easily assured the powerbank’s durability. It’s quiet heavy for those people who are really into portable devices, but a good must have for those who loves power more than portability. 


Ekopack 11000 mAh Powerbank Full Review
Front view
Ekopack 11000 mAh Powerbank Full Review
Back view
When it comes to performance, the Ekopack 11000 mAh will definitely satisfy your need, just like what it did to mine. I was able to charge my devices couple of times before it ran out of battery. Thanks to Its 2 A output that gives the powerbank ability to charge any connected devices faster compare from my previous 1 A powerbank. It also has 2 charging ports that allows the users to charge 2 devices at the same time. However, just like almost every other powerbank with huge battery capacity, it will take more time to be fully charged. You'll be needing at least 7-10 hours. Also, I would love it better if Ekotek included an AC wall adapter so that I can charge the powerbank easily.


  • Capacity: 11000mAh
  • Input: DC 5V/2A (max)
  • Output: DC 5V/2.1A and 1.2A (max)
  • Compatible with iphone, ipod, mobile phones


The Ekopack 11000 mAh packs a lot of value compared from other brands that offers very expensive price for the same battery capacity. With a great build quality, an exquisite design, and a satisfactory performance.. for only PHP 1,649.00 - definitely worth it. Also, Ekotek is currently offering this item in promo, you may get 2 Ekopack 11000 mAh for only PHP 2,200.00.

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